Welcome to Smallcakes Cave Creek. The best cupcakes and cakes in all of Cave Creek, AZ!


Gourmet Cupcakes

At Smallcakes Cave Creek, we bake 17 unique signature cupcakes fresh every morning from scratch. Our gourmet cupcakes are moist and come in a variety of flavors. Leftover cupcakes are donated daily to Foothills Food Bank, so they are never a day old.

Our cupcakes are available in mini, medium and large sizes and our decorators can customize them for any occasion.

Vegan Friendly Cupcakes are available in Vanilla cake with Buttercream, Pink Buttercream, Lemon and Chocolate frosting options.

NOTE: Vegan Friendly Cupcakes can ONLY be ordered with 24 hour advance notice with minimum of 6 cupcakes.

Baked from scratch every morning

Signature Cupcake Flavors

Red Velvet

Grandma’s red velvet cake with our signature cream cheese frosting

Birthday Cake

Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting topped with sprinkles

Pink Vanilla

Vanilla cake with our signature pink buttercream frosting

Pink Chocolate

Chocolate cake with our signature pink buttercream frosting

Carrot Cake

Traditional carrot cake with coconut and pecans baked in and a dollop of cream cheese frosting.

Caramel Crunch

Chocolate cake with carmel frosting topped with sea salt and pretzels

Vanilla -n- Chocolate

Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream topped with valrhona chocolate sprinkles


Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream topped with valrhona chocolate sprinkles

Hot Fudge Sundae

Chocolate cake with our signature buttercream frosting, roasted pecans, hot fudge, and a cherry on top

Lemon Drop

Vanilla cake filled with tangy lemon topped with our lemon buttercream and a dollop of tangy lemon

Cookies -n- Cream

Chocolate cake with our signature Oreo vanilla buttercream topped with Oreos cookies

Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting topped with crumbled peanut butter cups

Chocolate Cream

Chocolate cake filled with our signature buttercream topped with our signature fudge frosting with a dollop of buttercream


Our fresh baked Fudge Brownies

Wedding Cake

Our Almond Cake topped with Almond Buttercream and garnished with edible pearls

Boston Cream Pie

Our Vanilla Bean cake filled with Bavarian cream and topped with our Chocolate fudge icing

German Chocolate

Our chocolate cake topped with our german chocolate icing.

Pound Cake

Our freshly baked pound cakes without frosting available in chocolate, vanilla and famous red velvet.


April Daily Flavors

Every month we pick special cupcake flavors for each day of the week in addition to our 18 signature cupcakes. Please check our facebook and website for announcement start of each month.


Cookie Dough

Chocolate Mallow


Lemon Cream Pie



Chubby Honey

Black Forrest


White Chocolate Mocha

Orange Creamsicles



Cookie Monster

Gluten Friendly Cupcakes

Vanilla and Chocolate cakes are available with various frosting options.


Pina Colada


Gluten Friendly Cupcakes

Chocolate and Vanilla cakes are available with various frosting options.


Signature Cupcakes

Single Large


1/2 Dozen




Medium Dozen


Mini Dozen


Dog Treat

Pup Cake 3-Pack

Don’t forget the furry loved ones in your life ! These yummy dog-friendly treats are made of carrot cake with a peanut-butter/cream cheese frosting and topped with a dog treat.

Do it yourself Kit

6PK Party Box

Frost cupcakes at home with 6 Unfrosted Cupcakes, 2 Bags of Icing and 2 Containers of Toppings.

12PK Party Box

Frost cupcakes at home with 12 Unfrosted Cupcakes, 2 Bags of Icing and 3 Containers of Toppings.

Custom Cupcakes

Our decorators can decorate custom cupcakes based on your event and theme.

Large Custom Dozen


Large Custom 1/2 Dozen


Medium Custom Dozen


Mini Custom Dozen


Small Batch Homemade Ice Cream

Our ice cream is all made in house with highest quality ingredients. All of our ice creams are made in small batches and always made fresh for our customers. You will find in our case 10 signature flavors of ice cream with 2 “special“ flavors to tempt you. Our “special“ flavors include but are not limited to Cookie Monster, Lemon Poppyseed, Orange Creamsicle, and Salted Caramel Brownie, Wedding Cake. Check back weekly to see what “special“ ice cream flavors we are offering! Next time you visit us make sure you sample the ice creams!

Enjoy our ice cream in a cup, pint, or homemade waffle cones.

Signature Flavors

Red Velvet

Our famous creamy cream cheese ice cream layered with red velvet cupcakes.


Our fudgy decadent chocolate ice cream.

Wedding Cake

Our fudgy decadent chocolate ice cream.

Vanilla Bean

Our creamy Madagascar bourbon vanilla ice cream.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Our creamy mint ice cream layered with chocolate pieces.

Peanut Butter Cup

Our creamy peanut butter ice cream layered with peanut butter crumbles.

Salted Caramel

Our caramel Ice cream infused with housemade caramel.

Cake Batter

Cookies n Cream

Our creamy cookie ice cream layered with cookie crumbles.

Chocolate Coffee Crunch

Special Flavors


Orange Creamsicle









Always Baked Fresh with Quality Ingredients


We offer all of our signature flavors in 7 different cake sizes. Special flavors like Black Forest, Lemon Cake, Strawberry Cake, Funfetti, Marble, Mint, Churro, Cinnamon can be requested for custom orders.

In addition our decorators can customize your cake based on your event and party theme. We offer decorating with buttercream or fondant and decorating cakes with edible pictures.

Vegan & Gluten Friendly cakes are available on request. Call us to determine the customization charge.

Heart Cake

Servers 10-12

4“ Smash Cake

Servers 4-6

6“ Cake

Servers 6-8

8“ Cake

Servers 12-14

10“ Cake

Servers 18-21

12“ Cake

Servers 24-28

1/2 Sheet

Servers 30-48

Full Sheet

Servers 60-96
Fresh & Uniquely Flavored



Your favorite cupcake and ice cream together. Indulge in our most popular treat! Two heaping scoops of homemade ice cream smashed between a gourmet cupcake of your choice, fudge or caramel drizzle and lots of flavor!

Ice Cream Shake


Cake Shake

Pick your favorite cake and we will blend it with your favorite ice cream flavor.
Baked Fresh

Cookies & other desserts

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Single: $3.50, 6PK: $20, Dozen: $40

Kids Candie Cookie

Single: $3.50, 6PK: $20, Dozen: $40

Chubby Cookie

Our unique cake filled cookie.
Single: $3.50, 6PK: $20, Dozen: $40

Sugar Cookie

Single: $3.50, 6PK: $20, Dozen: $40

Chocolate/Vanilla covered Pretzels

Pack of 2 pretzels.
Single: $3.50, 6PK: $20, Dozen: $40

Cake Pop

Single: $3.50, 6PK: $20, Dozen: $40

Mini Pie

Available Options: Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie
Single: $5, 6PK: $25, Dozen: $50

French Macaron (Pack of 2)

Sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, and food colouring.

Chocolate covered Marshmallow

Single: $3.50, 6PK: $20, Dozen: $40

About Smallcakes Cave Creek

Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery opened its doors in Cave Creek on March 4th 2017. Smallcakes Cave Creek is located on the Northeast corner of Tatum and Dynamite. We offer fresh baked gourmet cupcakes and homemade small batch ice cream.



Mon – Sat: 9am-6pm

(480) 781-2952